Saturday, February 14, 2009

#1 Statement Tees

Every girl NEEDS at least a statement tee in her wardrobe. it is just a must *winks*

however, a cheap and attrative tee is definitely a hunt for all.

this is why we present to you,

cute thing huh?
another plus point : it comes with a cute box with a wooden replica of the shirt.

will be great as a gift for someone =)

and the great news is, it was spotted at mid valley and sunway pyramid selling at rm40ish.

you can get it here for only


available in size M and L. size M is actually size S and L is actually M. no idea why did they put it that way =)

im a size S, but M fits me perfectly.

p.s. grab it quick before it is gone!

more updates soon!

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